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Company news about How REXON Oil Purification Machines Save Oil Cost and Maintain Machinery?

How REXON Oil Purification Machines Save Oil Cost and Maintain Machinery?


Latest company news about How REXON Oil Purification Machines Save Oil Cost and Maintain Machinery?

When you buy new lubricating oil, hydraulic oil or engine oil to use, after you only use them a few times and for example let’s say several weeks or months they will be contaminated with impurities, moisture, air, iron filings, metal contamination, paint and other objects from the machinery badly. In this case, the quality of the oil will be greatly reduced, and it can not even be used and needs to be replaced with new oil. If you insist on using such contaminated and low-quality fluids, they will have a very bad effect on your equipment and your engine and even cause damage. That is to say, your new oil needs to be replaced many times and frequently for your machinery and engines, before the oil reaches its original service life like several years.

However, our oil purification and filtration machines can solve these problems especially. Our oil purification machine can purify your used and contaminated oil to be cleaning again as new oil quality, and on a regular basis oil purification processing to your oil, then it will keep the oil at a new standard quality always. Because you regularly filter out the dirty things in the oil, such as water and impurities, the oil will be maintained in a new state for with its original service time of years. So you can save the cost of changing the new oil. On the contrary, if you don’t use such oil purification equipment to regularly clean and maintain the oil cleanliness, the oil products will soon be contaminated and can’t be used again. If so, you need to buy new lubricants to replace the contaminated oil.

And at the same time, the oil purification and filtration equipment also prolongs the service life of the machinery and engines. Because unqualified dirty lubricating oil will damage machinery and equipment, but the purified cleaning lubricating oil can reach the qualified standard for the use of machinery and equipment, so it serves the purpose of protecting the machinery and engines. Therefore, the oil purification machines play a very important and good protective role in the safe use of the machinery, engines and equipment.

REXON designs and produces all types of oil purification machines, oil filtration systems and oil regeneration equipment. We provide environmentally friendly oil purification equipment products to help all customers around the world to achieve the goal of saving oil, purifying the environment where oil is used and protecting machinery & equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on oil treatment machines.

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