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Company news about Recent Shipment of our Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine

Recent Shipment of our Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine


Latest company news about Recent Shipment of our Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine

The oil filtration equipment we recently shipped to our customers is our lubricating oil purifier series TYA. REXON TYA series lubricating oil filter is a multifunctional oil purification and oil treatment equipment, It is specially designed to purify and treat contaminated lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, etc.

The lubricating oil filter unit delivered this time is a fully automatic oil purification equipment. It is equipped with the most advanced PLC fully automatic control programs and software developed by REXON and equipped with a 10-inch colorful display/touch screen. When the oil filtration machine is running, its main components will also have a dynamic display effect on the color display screen, so that customers can more clearly see the operation status of the machine. At the same time, after entering the PLC program interface, one-touch startup of the machine is also a highlight of this equipment.

Of course, in addition to the fully automatic control system, the three stage filtering process, high vacuum oil dehydration and degassing technology, and thermostatic heater used by this machine are also the big features of our oil purifier machine. At the same time, the operation interface and oil inlet and outlet pipelines of the machine are directly in front of the machine, which is the most convenient arrangement for users. Under the premise of ensuring machine quality first, REXON team always consider more optimized designs for users based on people orientation.

When each Rexon oil purification machine is shipped, Rexon staff will conduct a strict inspection. Rexon provides sufficient free accessories for each oil purifier for customer, For example, 20 meters oil hose, quick connectors for machine oil inlet and outlet, vacuum pump oil for machine maintenance, etc.

Top quality, medium prices, and advanced services are what we REXON can provide to customers. Welcome customers and friends who are interested in our oil purification machines to visit our factory, conduct more exchanges and negotiations. We sincerely hope that we can help more customers solve the oil pollution problems, save oil replacement cost, and well maintain various machinery, engine systems, power equipment, and transformers which requires to use oil fluids on the customer's site.

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