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Company news about REXON Digital Type Gear Oil Flow Meter for High Viscosity Oil

REXON Digital Type Gear Oil Flow Meter for High Viscosity Oil


Latest company news about REXON Digital Type Gear Oil Flow Meter for High Viscosity Oil

The flowmeter shipped by REXON this time is a widely applicable flowmeter in various fields for both low viscosity oil and high viscosity oil as a wild testing range, for example, the various industrial oil products, such as hydraulic oil, engine oil, compressor oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, marine diesel, fuel, ship oil, oil grease, biodiesel, waste cooking oil, etc.

REXON series GF oil flow meter is a kind of flow meter for measuring volume flow rate with high precision. With the flow of the medium, the gears mesh and rotate; under the action of fluid flow, the differential pressure is formed at both ends of the instrument's inlet and outlet, and no power supply is required; a pair of gears rotate freely and the cavity between the gears is filled with liquid; the liquid is discharged with the rotation, and the flow rate of the liquid flowing through the instrument can be known by measuring the number of revolutions of the gears. The gear flow meter is a new volumetric flow transmitter, which is used for precise continuous or intermittent measurement of the flow rate or instantaneous flow rate of liquid in a pipeline.

This oil flow meter is especially applicable to the flow measurement of high-viscosity media such as heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, resin, etc. (it can measure the fluid with a viscosity up to 10000Pa.s). It has advantages such as small volume, lightweight, low vibration noise, and stable operation. It can also be used to measure the micro-flow rate in small pipe diameters. It has features such as a small startup flow rate and wide range ratio and is applicable to measuring liquid flow rates with large variations. Its measuring precision is not affected by the changes in pressure and flow rate, and it has stable performance, long service life, and large flow capacity.

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