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Company news about REXON Just Made Delivery of Three Sets of Oil Purification Machines

REXON Just Made Delivery of Three Sets of Oil Purification Machines


Latest company news about REXON Just Made Delivery of Three Sets of Oil Purification Machines

Recently, we have delivered three sets of oil purification machines for our foreign customers. They are transformer oil purification machines, turbine oil filtration machine. Among them, our transformer oil purification machines are all oil filtration equipment with two-stage vacuum system, because for the purification of transformer oil, a very high vacuum condition is needed to achieve the best oil dehydration effect. And in the state of high vacuum, when the transformer oil filter machine is used to vacuumize the transformer, its working efficiency will be very high. As for the filtration equipment of turbine oil, we use water ring vacuum pump, its advantage is being able to handle turbine oils of various moisture contents. The ordinary rotary vane vacuum pump can not achieve this effect, and if the water content in the turbine oil is too high, it is easy to damage the vacuum pump.

All of our REXON oil purification machines feature a heater that can prevent dry burning. The heater will only start working when there is flowing oil in the heater, Compared with the three-position of oil pump and vacuum pump interlocking device of the electric control system, this anti-dry burning function will be more effective.

In addition, REXON’s vacuum oil purification machines are all equipped with vacuum pump protection systems. For a vacuum oil purification machine, the oil handled by the user on site may be pumped into the cavity of the vacuum pump, due to the high degree of vacuum when the machine is running. This is more likely to occur especially for machines with two-stage vacuum pumps, for example, the transformer oil purification machine, When it’s running, the powerful vacuum pumps is more easily to suck the transformer oil into its cavity.These are all normal phenomena. But for a vacuum pump, only the vacuum pump oil can be allowed to run in its tank, if other oil enters the cavity of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump is more easily to gets damaged. Therefore, all our oil filtration equipment takes the protection system for vacuum pumps, and then the machine will detect the other oil and alarm, and then shutdown automatically before other oil enters into the vacuum pump cavity.

The above functions are just two of the many functions of the REXON oil purification machines. Based on the high quality machine configurations and spare parts, REXON oil purifier is constantly developing new technologies to ensure the oil filtering performance. We always put the quality in the first place and put the cost performance of the equipment in front of the benefits. Hope we REXON can provide our brilliant oil purifier machine products and extraordinary services for more customers around the world.

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