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Company news about REXON Latest Delivery of ZYD-200(12000LPH) Transformer Oil Purifier Machine

REXON Latest Delivery of ZYD-200(12000LPH) Transformer Oil Purifier Machine


Latest company news about REXON Latest Delivery of ZYD-200(12000LPH) Transformer Oil Purifier Machine

Recently we delivered a 12000 liters per hour transformer oil purification equipment for foreign customer. This equipment will be used in Nigeria in Africa to provide transformer oil purification services and maintenance for local substations and power plants. REXON has sold many sets of equipment to various countries in Africa, and has high reputations in Africa countries.

This ZYD-200 transformer oil purifier machine is a fully automatic plant with PLC operating system, users can use the machine very conveniently and simply, and the safety of this machine is very high. In case of misoperation by the user, the machine will stop automatically. And at the same time, the PLC screen will display the flow chart with a dynamic effect during work to show user which part is working.

The equipment uses a very powerful vacuum system, bipolar vacuum pumps with 1000m³/Hour capacity for vacuum pumping function. If clients require bigger or smaller, machine can be customized too. The powerful vacuum system can ensure that the transformer oil is fully dehydrated, and can remove water and gas from the transformer oil rapidly and high efficiently.

At the same time, our machine uses a high-power heater, which can heat the oil very efficiently and quickly, so to promote the dehydration and degassing treatment of the oil. And the heater of our machine adopts the function of preventing dry burning, this function can effectively ensure the long-term stable and safe use of the heater.

In addition, this machine uses high precision and large capacity filter elements, they are more durable than ordinary filter elements, and the time to replace the filter element will be longer.

There are many other upgrades to this machine, For example, the protection of vacuum pump, pressure protection of the machine, heater automatic and constant heating, independent vacuum pumping function for transformers, and so on.

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Notes: Before each purification machine is delivered, we will test it in our factory, only after passing our quality department inspection, we will deliver the machine to our customer.

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