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Company news about REXON Latest Frame-designed TYA-50 Vacuum Oil Purifier Shipment

REXON Latest Frame-designed TYA-50 Vacuum Oil Purifier Shipment


Latest company news about REXON Latest Frame-designed TYA-50 Vacuum Oil Purifier Shipment

REXON's latest frame-designed TYA-50 vacuum oil purification machine completed production last week, and the test run was very successful. It passed the qualification inspection of the quality inspection department and was approved for shipment. Now the machine has been sent to the customer company site in Dubai. During the transportation of the equipment, we will provide customers with real-time cargo information until the customer receives the equipment and successfully installs and uses it.

This oil filtering equipment will provide Dubai customers with hydraulic oil and lubricating oil purification, cleaning, and later long-term oil cleaning and maintenance services. It will save customers oil replacement costs and maintain various equipment in customer factories. It purifies the oil environment for customers and greatly improves the operating efficiency of various equipment in the factory.

In fact, all kinds of oils commonly used in industry, such as lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, gear oil, transformer oil, etc., all need to be cleaned and maintained by the oil purifier after they have been used for a period of time. When new oil is used for a period of time, it will pollute the moisture in the air, air, and various impurities, tiny particles, dust, mechanical impurities, and other pollutants, which will greatly reduce the characteristics of the oil. It may cause harm to the corresponding mechanical equipment, rendering the equipment unusable and reducing its service life. Therefore, oil purification machines and oil filter equipment are essential maintenance machinery in industrial oil products.

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