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Company news about REXON Latest Roof Design Fully Enclosed Type Transformer Oil Purifier

REXON Latest Roof Design Fully Enclosed Type Transformer Oil Purifier


Latest company news about REXON Latest Roof Design Fully Enclosed Type Transformer Oil Purifier

Recently we shipped a transformer oil purification machine to our overseas customer. This is a newly designed two-stage vacuum transformer oil purification and filtration equipment. Its fully enclosed iron house is designed to mimic the roof of a real house. The advantage of this kind of roof is that it is more conducive and better performance to drainage, and wind blowing off. Therefore, it is very suitable for outdoor use, such as some power stations, power plants, power transmission and substations.

In addition to the above features, our latest transformer oil purification machine has the following advantages.

The powerful two-stage vacuum system ensures the rapid and effective dehydration and degassing of transformer oil. At the same time, the filtration system of the three-stage oil filter elements can make the oil reach a very high degree of cleanliness after filtration, such as 1 micron or 0.5 micron. The electronic control system of the machine is also very advanced. Our oil purification machine is equipped with two sets of operating systems, one is manual operation keys, and the other is PLC automatic control system. Users can switch freely according to their own needs and choose the operation mode they want to use the machine, so the operation is a very simple to users. Next, we are going to focus on heating system. The heating system of the machine uses three sets of heaters to heat oil at a constant temperature and gently. Usually, many machines have only two sets of heaters, which will lead to excessive power of a single set of heaters, which may cause damage to oil during the heating process. The use of three groups of heaters can not only achieve the purpose of rapid heating of oil, but also play a protective role in the process of oil heating. And we have a flow switch on the heater, which can detect the flow of oil, which can play a good role in preventing dry burning.

Our transformer oil purification machine has many other highlights, such as various detection and protection devices, for example, high pressure protection, high temperature protection, vacuum pump protection system, alarm system, etc. Therefore, it is very safe and reliable to use our oil filter machines.

Finally, I would like to mention our after-sales service, which is also a highlight of our REXON products. When the customer purchases our products, we will provide the customer with the information of production progress in time. When the goods are completed, we will inform the customer and then prepare the delivery for the customer. When the goods are shipped out, we will follow up the shipping information in time and feed it back to the customers. When the customer receives the machine, from how to use the machine to the problems encountered in the use process, we will also answer the customer online in time. And we also provide each customer with the operation manual of the machine he has purchased and the unique operation videos of the machine he purchased.

Welcome to learn more about us, we will keep our original intention and do our best to solve the oil problems for all customers with very reasonable prices. REXON team Looking forward to your contact.

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