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Company news about REXON Latest Transformer Oil Purification Machine ZYD-200(12000LPH)

REXON Latest Transformer Oil Purification Machine ZYD-200(12000LPH)


Latest company news about REXON Latest Transformer Oil Purification Machine ZYD-200(12000LPH)

This is our REXON latest transformer oil purification machine, model ZYD-200. We sent it to our overseas customers recently, now it is doing a perfect onsite transformer oil treatment job for our customers. This plant has so many advantages and there are some for your reference.

*High Processing Capacity: The ZYD-200 model can handle an impressive volume of up to 12,000 liters per hour, making it suitable for applications requiring large-scale oil purification.

*Dual-Stage High Vacuum System: Equipped with a dual-stage high vacuum system, the machine efficiently and rapidly removes moisture and gases from transformer oil, ensuring thorough dehydration and degassing.

*High-Power Low-Density Large Heater: The inclusion of a high-power, low-density heater enables quick and safe heating of large quantities of transformer oil without causing any damage to the oil, facilitating fast processing times.

*Three-Stage High-Precision Impurity Filtration System: Featuring a three-stage high-precision impurity filtration system, the machine excels in maintaining the cleanliness and purity of the oil by effectively filtering out contaminants.

*Intelligent Detection and Control Mechanisms: The machine is equipped with intelligent sensors and control systems that monitor and regulate the oil purification process, ensuring optimal performance and quality of the treated oil.

*PLC Fully Automatic Control System: With a PLC fully automatic control system, users can easily operate the machine with one-touch fully automatic functions, streamlining the purification process and enhancing user convenience.

*Versatile Functionality as a Transformer Vacuum Pumping Unit: In addition to its primary function as an oil purification system, the ZYD-200 model can also serve as a standalone transformer vacuum pumping unit, providing users with added flexibility and cost savings by eliminating the need for a separate vacuum pumping unit.

*Cost-Effective Solution: The ZYD-200 machine offers a cost-effective solution by combining high processing capacity, advanced purification features, and dual functionality as both an oil purifier and vacuum pumping unit, thereby saving on equipment costs and maintenance expenses.

*Reliability and Performance: REXON's ZYD-200 Transformer Oil Purification Machine is designed to deliver reliable performance, efficient operation, and consistent quality results, meeting the demanding requirements of transformer oil treatment applications in various industrial settings.

*User-Friendly Design: The machine's user-friendly design, intuitive controls, and automated features make it easy to operate and maintain, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free oil purification experience for operators.

*Fully enclosed: The machine is equipped with a high-density enclosed iron housing, which can effectively prevent wind, rain and dust, and effectively protect the machine. Whether used outdoors or indoors, this is an oil purifier product with built-in protection.

Each REXON oil purification machine will undergo strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. It can only leave the factory after passing the quality inspection. Every one of our customers and users can use our oil purifier products with confidence.

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Date: 28th., Mar. 2024

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