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Company news about REXON Newest ZYD-200(12000Liters/Hour) Transformer Oil Purifier Delivery

REXON Newest ZYD-200(12000Liters/Hour) Transformer Oil Purifier Delivery


Latest company news about REXON Newest ZYD-200(12000Liters/Hour) Transformer Oil Purifier Delivery

Recently, we sent a ZYD-200 (12,000 liters per hour flow) transformer oil filter to a foreign customer. This machine adopts REXON's most advanced filtration technology and vacuum dehydration and degassing technology.

Our ZYD-200 Transformer Oil Filter offers several benefits, making it a reliable, efficient choice for your transformer oil filtration needs:

-High filtration efficiency: ZYD-200 uses advanced filtration technology to effectively remove impurities, moisture and pollutants in transformer oil. It ensures a high level of filtration efficiency, resulting in cleaner and purified oil.

-Large processing capacity: With its sturdy design and large processing capacity of 12,000 liters per hour, ZYD-200 can handle large amounts of transformer oil. This feature allows for faster, more efficient filtration, reducing downtime during maintenance or oil treatment.

-Multi-stage filtration: This machine uses multi-stage filtration, including precision filters and high-quality filter elements. This multi-stage filtration system helps achieve superior oil purification and extends the life of the transformer by maintaining optimal oil cleanliness.

-Vacuum dehydration and degassing: ZYD-200 is equipped with a vacuum system that can effectively remove dissolved gas, moisture and other volatile substances in transformer oil. This process helps reduce the risk of arcing, corona discharge and insulation breakdown, ensuring the overall reliability and service life of the transformer.

-Easy to operate and maintain: Our ZYD-200 is designed with user-friendly control and intuitive interface, using Siemens PLC system and a large 10-inch color touch screen, making it easy to operate and monitor. Additionally, due to its durable construction and automated features, it requires minimal maintenance, which contributes to its long-term cost-effectiveness.

-Comprehensive safety functions: The machine is equipped with a variety of safety functions, including automatic shutdown function under abnormal conditions, temperature and pressure monitoring, and electrical protection mechanisms. These features ensure safe and reliable operation and protect equipment and operators.

We believe that the ZYD-200 Transformer Oil Filter's superior performance, efficiency and reliability make it an ideal choice for transformer oil filtration applications. It will be a shining star in the field of transformer oil filtration and maintenance. Congratulations to our customer who purchased this machine!

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