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Company news about REXON Transformer Oil BDV Tester Classic Type

REXON Transformer Oil BDV Tester Classic Type


Latest company news about REXON Transformer Oil BDV Tester Classic Type

Recently we have sent two transformer oil breakdown voltage value testers to foreign customers. This oil BDV tester for transformer oil and insulating oil is the longest, most stable, and most reliable tester on the market at present.

We can see that this tester uses the traditional push-button operation platform, and it is equipped with a digital display screen to show testing data. When users use this instrument, they only need to simply operate the keys to get the desired test data. The whole testing process of the tester is fully automatic, and the tester will automatically print out the test results after testing is finished. Although some of the latest testers on the market use touch-screen for operation, such a touch screen looks more advanced, actually it increases the difficulty for users, because there will be a lot of options. In addition, because touch screens are anyway electronic products, they are also more likely to increase the risk of damage.

Besides, through years of experience in providing after-sales service to our customers, from the feedback of customers, we have learned that the performance of this traditional button tester is the most stable and reliable one, and its failure rate is much lower than the latest type tester. for the new design testers, if they have found a problem, it is often necessary to replace some new accessories to solve the problem, but for this old-fashioned tester, when it encounters problems, most of the time, we can give customers online guidance to solve the problem, and do not need to replace any accessories.

This is why we REXON are continuing with this old design type oil tester to recommend to our customers. It is a truly portable, high-precision, reliable, durable, and fully enclosed type tester, a classic tester product, which is very suitable to use in various industrial, power, and mining sites for insulation oil and transformer oil testing.

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