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Company news about REXON Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Works Well in Iraq

REXON Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Works Well in Iraq


Latest company news about REXON Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Works Well in Iraq

Recently, other customer in Iraq reported to us that our REXON transformer oil filtration machine with capacity 9000 liters per hour, was used very well in their factory. This transformer oil purification machine is a combination of the oil filtration unit , a heavy metal housing and a four-wheel trailer. In addition, we also provide customer with nearly 40 meters of stainless steel wire hose as spar part of the oil pipes connection with the plant.

This transformer oil filter and purification machine is a fully automatic operation system compiled by Siemens PLC. The user only needs one touch of the PLC screen, the machine can run automatically. At the same time, we also provide users with a set of manual key operating system for work as backup for users. The performance of fully automatic operation is very friendly to users, and the operation of this machine is very simple for users.

In addition, for a transformer oil purification machine, the most important thing is its ability of the cleaning process of dehydrating and degassing transformer oil and removing impurities. This REXON 9000LPH transformer oil filter machine can remove moisture, gas and particles in the oil very efficiently and quickly, so that the transformer oil can reach the required standard quickly. It is a necessary equipment for transformer maintenance.

REXON always provide customers with high-quality oil purification and filtration machines with high cost performance. We are committed to solving the problem of oil pollution for customers easily and let customers' on-site oil to be consumed with continuous development.

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