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Company news about REXON Transformer Oil Purification Equipment On Field Use

REXON Transformer Oil Purification Equipment On Field Use


Latest company news about REXON Transformer Oil Purification Equipment On Field Use

In Bangladesh, in Pakistan, in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, and so on. And many countries in South America, North America, Africa, etc, our REXON oil purification equipment and oil filtration machines are widely used.

This is a case in Bangladesh.Customers purchase our transformer oil filter equipment, 6000 liters per hour. At the same time, their company also purchased our vacuum pumping system, dry air generator and transformer oil tester instrument. what you see in the picture is our transformer oil filtration machine, it was suspended in the air by a crane, and it will then be moved to a suitable location for installation. After installation, then it can start the work of transformer oil filtration and regeneration. At the same time, the machine can also operate online, but please note that if it is rainy, please operate with caution.

REXON transformer oil purifier machine can filter transformer oil online, and tt can also carry out on-line vacuum pumping, online oiling, etc.

If you need such an oil filtration machine, please contact us for more information. REXON staff will serve you wholeheartedly! We always recommend and provide the most suitable equipment for our customers, and control it in a reasonable budget.

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