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Company news about REXON Transformer Oil Purifier Onsite Work Well

REXON Transformer Oil Purifier Onsite Work Well


Latest company news about REXON Transformer Oil Purifier Onsite Work Well

REXON’s transformer oil purifier machine is working very well at foreign customer site, and this is the fifth year that the equipment has been used at the customer site. This oil filtration equipment has solved many problems for the customer of the oil pollution and the regular oil maintenance.

Our client not only uses the equipment himself, which is very helpful for his transformers project in substations and power plants, but also our client rents the equipment to his clients to help them solve transformer oil problems too.

As we all know, transformer oil needs regular maintenance and always maintains its unique high cleanliness like 1 micron, and the moisture requirement in the transformer oil is very high like below 3~5ppm. Therefore, even new transformer oil will be contaminated by moisture in the air. So it is essential to clean and filter the transformer oil regularly and maintain the transformer oil.

Our transformer oil filter machine can not only purify and filter the transformer oil, and keep the transformer oil cleaning as required standard all the time. It can also be used as an independent vacuum pumping unit for vacuuming the transformer. And vacuuming the transformer is also an essential task for transformers. Therefore, our transformer oil purification machine is a multi-functional and very practical transformer maintenance equipment.

Welcome to contact us for more information about this oil filtration and vacuum pumping machine. We are looking forward to cooperating with our customers all over the world.

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