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Company news about REXON Transformer Oil Purifier Plant Works Perfectly Onsite

REXON Transformer Oil Purifier Plant Works Perfectly Onsite


Latest company news about REXON Transformer Oil Purifier Plant Works Perfectly Onsite

Today our customer in Iraq is on-site running our transformer oil purification machine again, Our oil purification machines perform very well and our customers are very satisfied. The model of this transformer oil filter machine is ZYD-100, and its oil processing capacity is 6,000 liters per hour. It greatly meets the needs of customers for transformer services on site. It can not only filter and purify transformer oil, but also vacuumize various types of transformers. Such transformer oil filtration equipment is essential maintenance equipment for all substations, power plants, generator plants, and transformer manufacturers.
The transformer oil purification machine produced by our REXON Company not only has good working performance with the main accessories of world-class brands but also has very good and reliable software too. It uses SIEMENS PLC automatic control system, which can easily help users to achieve simple operation of the machine. This makes it much easier for customers to use the machine on site. For example, when the customer wants to use this oil filtration machine to filter and purify the transformer oil, he only needs to start this job from the PLC screen. Similarly, if he needs to use this machine to vacuumize the transformer, he only needs to go to the PLC screen and click the vacuumizing function. The design of REXON oil machines, on the one hand, is to optimize the performance of the machine under the hardware configuration of the machine, on the other hand, to bring the simplicity of operation to customers to the greatest extent of convenience.

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