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Company news about REXON ZYD-100(6000LPH) Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Shipment

REXON ZYD-100(6000LPH) Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Shipment


Latest company news about REXON ZYD-100(6000LPH) Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Shipment

Recently we delivered a transformer oil filtration and purification machine for our foreign customer. The oil purification machine has a flow rate of 6000 liters per hour for transformer oil treatment. It can efficiently process and purify transformer oil for customers on site, even the old transformer oil will be renewed by this oil filtration machine and continue to be used. If it is new transformer oil, it will be more simple to process.

This transformer oil filtration equipment uses two-stage vacuum pumps. The primary vacuum pump is a big capacity rotary vane vacuum pump of 100m³/Hour, and the secondary vacuum pump is a big capacity roots vacuum pump, which is a high speed air booster, which can produce vacuum condition for the machine super efficient.

This transformer oil purification machine only uses two oil pumps. One is the oil inlet pump and the other one is the oil outlet pump. In addition to the high vacuum pressure of the machine itself which can suck oil into the machine body, the oil inlet pump also can help to pump the oil in to machine. When the user uses the machine, if the machine is located too far horizontally from the transformer or oil tank, like over 15~20meters, or their altitude level difference is too big, the oil inlet pump will be very helpful. Of course, this oil inlet pump can also be designed as an independent oil filling device for transformers and oil tanks, it makes this machine multi-functional.

The machine is also equipped with Siemens PLC full-automatic control system, which can easily realize the fully automatic operation of the machine, and the misoperation can be effectively prevented.In addition, the machine is equipped with a 4-wheel trailer. It helps the user to move the plant from one project place to another with safe and high speed transportation.

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