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Company news about REXON ZYD-2000(2000LPH) Transformer Oil Purification Plant Tested Successfully in Factory

REXON ZYD-2000(2000LPH) Transformer Oil Purification Plant Tested Successfully in Factory


Latest company news about REXON ZYD-2000(2000LPH) Transformer Oil Purification Plant Tested Successfully in Factory

Today we successfully tested our ZYD-2000 transformer oil purification machine in our factory.The machine now is allowed for shipment after the successful test of running.

This ZYD-2000 transformer oil filtration unit is a relatively small flow rate machine, but even so, it is also equipped with all the configurations of big models of our transformer oil purification machine, and it still has various functions, such as transformer oil filtering, independent transformer evacuating, transformer oil filling, oil tanks filling, etc.

The same as other big models transformer oil filter machine of REXON, this ZYD-2000 transformer oil filtration unit also takes the fully automatic PLC control system with 10 inches touch screen, dynamic display of each component on the PLC screen when the machine is running, two-stage vacuum pumps for high efficiency vacuum output, three stages filter elements for high precision oil filtering, thermostatic heater with anti-dry burning function, electronic vacuum gauge and electronic pressure gauge, couplings for quick connection of the oil inlet and outlet of the machine to the oil pipes, etc. Therefore, this is also a very high efficient transformer oil dehydration and degassing unit, and a professional equipment for purifying and regenerating transformer oil.


REXON has been committed to the quality and performance of oil purification equipment and only choose the accessories of first-class and top brands at home and abroad to produce REXON oil filtration and purification machines. At the same time, we are not only making the best of the quality and performance of the machine, but also we seek to provide customers with the most cost-effective equipment, although the quality of our equipment can reach the first-class level, but we did maintain our price at a middle price level. What we pursue is that to let more users and customers to experience our high technology and first-class quality oil purification equipment with a very good price.

REXON will keep the faith to provide our users and customers with our best quality and most advanced technology oil purification equipment with reliable and excellent performance, very reasonable price, long durability, and reliable after-sales service.

If you are just interested in such transformer oil purification machine, transformer oil filtration system and transformers maintenance solutions, please contact us freely!

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