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High Efficient Vacuum Turbine Oil Dehydrator and Filtration Machine
  • High Efficient Vacuum Turbine Oil Dehydrator and Filtration Machine
  • High Efficient Vacuum Turbine Oil Dehydrator and Filtration Machine
  • High Efficient Vacuum Turbine Oil Dehydrator and Filtration Machine
  • High Efficient Vacuum Turbine Oil Dehydrator and Filtration Machine

High Efficient Vacuum Turbine Oil Dehydrator and Filtration Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name REXON
Certification CE, ISO, SGS, CCC
Model Number TY-10(600LPH)
Product Details
Turbine Oil Dehydration & Filtration
Power Supply:
380V/50HZ/3Phase Or As Requirement
Filter Precision:
Oil Cleanliness:
Water Content:
≤50 PPM
Noise Level:
Heating Power:
18 KW
Total Power:
19.3 KW
Working Temperature:
20-80 ℃
Working Pressure:
0.4 Mpa
Carbon Steel
Black, Blue, Grey, White, Yellow Etc.
PLC Fully Automatic
Optional Items:
Online Moisture Tester, Flowmeter, Etc.
400 KGS
Guarantee Period:
2 Years
Product Description


REXON High Efficient Vacuum Turbine Oil Dehydrator and Filtration Machine TY-10 is designed for turbine oil, especially used demulsified turbine oil treatment. It can rapidly and effectively remove water, gas and impurities from the turbine oil, fast demulsification and dehydration. It aims at turbine oil’s nature of high water content, easy emulsification and high impurities content to make the oil recover the new oil's nature. This model is installed with PLC (Programmable logical control system) which can control the equipment automatically to every stage of its process and ensure its process and ensure its safe operation on site and on line without human supervision.



1. Fast Oil Dehydration and Demulsification: It uses a powerful vacuum system to create a high negative pressure environment, which effectively breaks emulsification, and removes the trace water and dissolved water from the oil quickly and deeply.

2. Efficient Oil Filtration: 3 stages filtration system combined with a double FH trapezoidal network with H.P.M high molecule polymer material absorbing and stainless steel material structure, which can distinctively remove various impurities and particles. In addition, there is a stainless steel protective net outside the filter element, It can effectively protect the filter element and prevent damage due to excessive pressure.

3. Automatic Operation: This vacuum turbine oil filtration machine is equipped with an automatic control system, which ensures easy and convenient operation. It can monitor and control the oil purification process, including the oil flow, temperature, working time, to achieve optimal filtration results.

4. Durable and Reliable: This vacuum turbine oil filtration machine is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and reliability. It is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and provide long-lasting performance.


1. This machine breaks emulsification thoroughly, and the oil is very difficult to be emulsified again after treatment. Its dehydration volume is large and it can drain off the water on line.
2. "T" shape oil vacuum chamber, expanded evaporation area, improved the oil dehydration and degasification effect.
3. PLC programing and big touch operation screen, allows the machine can be start-up by one-touch operation, make the operation more easily.

4. This machine also can be equipped with the online oil detection instruments, such as the online moisture tester, online particle counter, and online oil flow meter, etc. The users can choose to add these functions accordingly.


Technical Parameters

Item Unit TY-10 TY-20 TY-30 TY-50 TY-80 TY-100 TY-150 TY-200 TY-300
Flow rate L/hr 600 1200 1800 3000 4800 6000 9000 12000 18000
Working Vacuum Degree MPa -0.06 ~ -0.095
Working Pressure MPa

≤ 0.4


Operating Temperature Range 20 ~ 80
Oil Heating Temperature Range 40 ~ 70
Working Noise   ≤75db
Power Supply   380V 50Hz 3Phase (or as per requirement)
Heating power kW 18 18 24 30 54 72 90 120 145
Total power kW 19.3 19.3 25.65 32 57.1 79 98 130 150
Inlet/outlet caliber mm 25 25 25 32 38 42 50 50 60
Weight kg 400 450 500 600 650 700 900 1050 1550
Dimension Length mm 1280 1350 1350 1400 1450 1500 1500 1600 1800
Width mm 750 900 950 950 1000 1000 1200 1350 1400
Height mm 1450 1450 1500 1600 1650 1650 1800 1800 1850

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