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4000LPH Frame Structure Insulating Oil Centrifuge Machine
  • 4000LPH Frame Structure Insulating Oil Centrifuge Machine
  • 4000LPH Frame Structure Insulating Oil Centrifuge Machine
  • 4000LPH Frame Structure Insulating Oil Centrifuge Machine
  • 4000LPH Frame Structure Insulating Oil Centrifuge Machine

4000LPH Frame Structure Insulating Oil Centrifuge Machine

Place of Origin Chongqing, China
Brand Name REXON
Certification CE, ISO, SGS, CCC
Model Number ZYD-4000(4000LPH)
Product Details
Transformer Oil Filtration
Flow Rate:
Power Supply:
380V, 3Phase, 50HZ Or As Required
Carbon Steel
Filter Stage:
Three Stage Filters
Vacuum Stage:
Double ( Vacuum Pump+Roots Pump)
Gas Content:
Impurity Size:
Water Content:
Temperature Range:
Heating Power:
Operation Mode:
Green, Blue, Grey, White, Yellow Etc.
Optional Items:
Online Moisture Tester, Flowmeter, Etc.
Product Description


REXON frame structure insulating oil centrifuge machine ZYD-4000 is specially used for on site transformer oil filtration, transformer evacuation and oil filling for transformers and oil tanks. This oil centrifuge machine can completely filter and regenerate used and new insulating oil in energized or de-energized transformers even when transformer power above 110KV and altitude over 500 meters, as well as the mutual inductor oil, switch oil and so on. REXON ZYD-4000 oil purifier machine also can evacuate transformers with super high efficiency as an independent vacuum pumping system.



1. It has a two-stage high-speed vacuum system and a multi-stage vacuum analysis separation system, which can quickly remove moisture, gas, impurities, polar substances and other degraded substances from the oil.
2. The three-dimensional flash dehydration and degassing technology is adopted to efficiently remove water and gas from the oil, so that the breakdown voltage can be rapidly increased to more than 70KV.
3. The effect of one-time filtration is greatly improved, which reduces the risk of oil aging caused by repeated filtration and heating in general oil purifiers.
4. Using the independent dual-channel technology of complex oil and gas, the secondary re-dissolution technology in the separation of oil and gas can be used to quickly remove various organic hydrocarbon gases in the oil, ensuring that the content of acetylene and hydrogen in the oil is zero.
5. Heating by carbon fiber infrared heating system which is the most advanced heating technology, the unique heater structure heats the oil uniformly and easily controlled, it gives out the heat quickly (in 3 seconds after power on) and efficiency of electricity transforming to heat is very high (more than 98%). High efficiency, low density heating method for oil, which can prevent oil cracking at high temperature.
6. The use of multi-stage high β-value compound progressive filtration system can effectively filter the fine particles of mechanical impurities in the oil.
7. Online oil filtering, unattended operation, vacuum oiling of transformers, etc.
8. Advanced liquid level automatic control system, automatic defoaming control system, pressure protection system and safety interlock control ensure long-term, safe and reliable operation of the equipment.


Technical Parameters



ZYD -4000
Flow Rate L/hr 4000
Working Vacuum MPa -0.08 ~ -0.099
Working Pressure MPa ≤ 0.3
Temperature Control Range 20 ~ 80
Operation Temperature 50 ~ 70(55~60 is best)
Power Supply   380V, 3 Phase, 50Hz (or as per requirements)
Working hours without Trouble Hour 4000
Continuous Working Hours Hour 200
Working Noise dB(A) 75
Heating Power KW 60
Total Power KW 65
Inlet/Outlet mm Φ32
Weight Kg 750
Overall Length mm 1560
  Width mm 1460
  Height mm 1850

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