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SF6 Gas Trace Moisture Tester
  • SF6 Gas Trace Moisture Tester

SF6 Gas Trace Moisture Tester

Place of Origin China
Brand Name REXON
Certification CE, ISO, SGS, CCC
Model Number Model RNSFS
Product Details
SF6 Trace Moisture Testing
Measurement Range:
Measuring Time:
≤3 Minutes/point
Sampling Flow:
Working Temperature:
LCD Touch Screen
Power Supply:
6800mAh Lithium Battery
Guarantee Period:
2 Years
Product Description


RNSFS SF6 Gas Trace Moisture Tester is an intelligent measuring instrument independently developed by our company. This product is developed and designed according to the national power industry standard DL/T506-2007 <Measurement method of insulating gas humidity in sulfur hexafluoride electrical equipment>, using the original imported high-precision dew point transmitter and advanced digital circuit control technology.
The instrument has the advantages of a wide measurement range, fast response time, short measurement cycle, intuitive display and convenient operation. It can be applied to the humidity measurement of air, nitrogen, inert gas and any gas without a corrosive medium, especially the humidity measurement of SF6 gas. It can be used by departments such as electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection and research institutes, and has a high-cost performance ratio.


Portable design: lighter and more convenient to carry and use
Fast measurement: measure immediately after the instrument calibration, and the humidity value can be quickly obtained
Short measurement time and gas saving: the gas consumption during measurement is only about 2L (101.2kpa)
Data storage: mass storage, up to 100 groups of test data can be stored
Comprehensive display items: the LCD displays dew point value, current temperature micro water value, 20 ℃ micro water value, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, time and date, battery power, etc
The humidity value can be automatically converted to the standard value at 20 ℃
Curve tracking: real-time data curve tracking, dew point change trend is clear and intuitive
USB interface: historical data can be exported
Built-in power supply: built-in 6800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, sufficient at one time and can work continuously for 8 hours


Technical Parameters

1) Measuring range:
    Dew point: -80℃~+20℃
    Micro water content: 0~19999ppm
2) Measurement accuracy:
    ±1℃(-49℃~+20℃)(Scope of work)
4) Resolution ratio:
    Dew point: 0.1℃
    Micro water content: 1ppm
5) Measuring time: ≤3 Minutes/point
6) Sampling flow: 0.6~1.0L/min
7) Display mode: Color touchscreen display, full English interface, with backlight
8) Power supply: lithium battery can work continuously for 8 hours with overcharge protection
9) Inspection method: self-calibration function after startup
10) Working temperature: -40℃~+80℃

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